Monday, 25 February 2013

Gardening Accessories

Gloves and a Kneeling Mat

To show my dedication to gardening, I have purchased some gardening gloves!

DSCF8849 copy

And a kneeling mat as I kept getting wet knees and in this cold weather, it really wasn’t good! I also kept getting dirt under my nails and I don’t really agree with that either!

Dad (my gardening guru) pointed out some weeds to me earlier so I do need to go out to weed the garden, but in this cold weather I’m not feeling terribly inspired.

Hopefully the weather will go quite mild soon, I also have some summer bulbs to plant!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

More Flowers!

Some Growth in the Garden

Further to my previous post, there has been some more growth in the garden!

It had been quite sunny and mild so the shoots began to bloom!

DSCF8835 copy

The irises are quickly becoming my favourite flowers! They are so vibrant!

DSCF8837 copy

DSCF8838 copy

And it looks as though we have two distinct colours of Iris coming through! I love these cheetah coloured Irises.

DSCF8840 copy

DSCF8841 copy

The buds on these flowers are beginning to open!

DSCF8842 copy

And more snow drops are coming through!

DSCF8845 copy

And this little flower! I have no idea what it was but when my Dad saw it come through he was really pleased.

So those are the developments so far!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

No Life in the Garden?

The Beginnings of a Colour Explosion!

At first glance, the Wong garden looks fairly lifeless.

edit 1

But if you look closely, you can see the beginnings of a colour explosion! I’ve taken some pictures of the little flowers but I don’t know what all of them are called. If you do, please feel free to leave a comment to let me know!

Imagine my smile when I opened the blinds in the kitchen to see these beautiful Irises smiling up at me.


Irises are some of my favourite flowers, and look absolutely beautiful! However, they are the only flowers so far!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Doing Some Planting

Bulbs Bulbs Everywhere!

So, we have had quite a few healthy shoots coming up in the garden lately!


I don’t actually know what these flowers are but they are sprouting and look really good!

There are some more shoots appearing around the garden too!


Things are really starting to grow!


It’s quite exciting and I’m really looking forward to seeing how these tulips and daffodils are going to look in our garden!

So, I decided to do some planting today!

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Wong Garden

In the Snow

Sorry for the break in posts recently! Not much has been happening in the garden due to the weather but I thought you may like to see the garden in all it’s snowy glory!

photo (77) copy

This is what it looked like to begin with, with the snow gradually falling. It was so beautiful outside but absolutely freezing!

photo (76) copy

This is what it looked like after a little bit more snow. As you can see by the table, it fell fairly thick, for the UK anyway. It was at this point we thought we needed to make a snowman!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hazel Fencing

Making Our Garden Spectacular

After spending hours painting our fence green, we have decided to put up some hazel screening.

This is how it looked before:

plain fence

This is our fence before. As you can see, it is a rather ordinary and boring looking fence.

So! We painted it!

green fence

We bought Sherwood Green wood treatment from Wickes and used some cheap brushes from Aldi. We didn’t need to use posh brushes as the treatment covered the wood fairly easily.

But we still covered it all in hazel.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Going Green

It’s Time to Paint the Fence

With winter drawing in, we thought it might be a good idea to put some treatment on the fence.

This is the before picture:

plain fence

We went to Wickes to buy the treatment, we bought Sherwood Green wood treatment in the smaller sized tub. It turns out that was just enough!

We used cheap brushes from Aldi but the treatment covered the wood well enough even using the cheap brushes.

DSCF1968 copy

This is a picture of my dad helping us to paint. I was obviously helping too, I just stopped to take the very important photos! But the fence did look fairly lovely in the end!

As you can see…

green fence

I’m really pleased with the result. I think it looks really natural and effective in our garden. What do you think?

We are planning to cover it all in hazel anyway.