Monday, 21 January 2013

The Wong Garden

In the Snow

Sorry for the break in posts recently! Not much has been happening in the garden due to the weather but I thought you may like to see the garden in all it’s snowy glory!

photo (77) copy

This is what it looked like to begin with, with the snow gradually falling. It was so beautiful outside but absolutely freezing!

photo (76) copy

This is what it looked like after a little bit more snow. As you can see by the table, it fell fairly thick, for the UK anyway. It was at this point we thought we needed to make a snowman!


Here he is, our little snowman. This is the first snowman I have ever made! My Canadian husband, featured in this photo, taught me the rolling technique for expert snowman construction! Loads of fun! This is the reason we bought a house with a garden! So that we could enjoy it and have fun playing in it!

photo (74) copy

And here it is, our garden in it’s snowy glory. Our poor snowman has been lost his eyes and nose, being covered over with a fresh layer of snow. You can’t even see where we gathered the snow to make our snowman! The snowfall after we built him was that heavy!

I’m not sure if you can see some shoots coming up under the snow in these pictures, but our crocuses and tulips are beginning to come through!

More on the plants we have in our garden coming soon!

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