Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hazel Fencing

Making Our Garden Spectacular

After spending hours painting our fence green, we have decided to put up some hazel screening.

This is how it looked before:

plain fence

This is our fence before. As you can see, it is a rather ordinary and boring looking fence.

So! We painted it!

green fence

We bought Sherwood Green wood treatment from Wickes and used some cheap brushes from Aldi. We didn’t need to use posh brushes as the treatment covered the wood fairly easily.

But we still covered it all in hazel.

hazel fence

And there it is! The hazel fence. Dad bought it from a website online as Wickes were selling one bundle for £70 and Dobbies were selling it for £40 per bundle. That was just too expensive.

Do try to shop around if you can to find cheaper alternatives to the large chain stores.

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  1. One night I was thinking how to keep the deer from knocking over the green bean poles . A green bean pole rack was born design in Google SketchUpaluminum gates