Saturday, 23 February 2013

More Flowers!

Some Growth in the Garden

Further to my previous post, there has been some more growth in the garden!

It had been quite sunny and mild so the shoots began to bloom!

DSCF8835 copy

The irises are quickly becoming my favourite flowers! They are so vibrant!

DSCF8837 copy

DSCF8838 copy

And it looks as though we have two distinct colours of Iris coming through! I love these cheetah coloured Irises.

DSCF8840 copy

DSCF8841 copy

The buds on these flowers are beginning to open!

DSCF8842 copy

And more snow drops are coming through!

DSCF8845 copy

And this little flower! I have no idea what it was but when my Dad saw it come through he was really pleased.

So those are the developments so far!

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