Sunday, 3 February 2013

Doing Some Planting

Bulbs Bulbs Everywhere!

So, we have had quite a few healthy shoots coming up in the garden lately!


I don’t actually know what these flowers are but they are sprouting and look really good!

There are some more shoots appearing around the garden too!


Things are really starting to grow!


It’s quite exciting and I’m really looking forward to seeing how these tulips and daffodils are going to look in our garden!

So, I decided to do some planting today!

I bought some bulbs from Asda while we were doing our usual weekly shop. I had mentioned them to my dad, an actual gardener, a few weeks ago and he suggested buying them. So I did.


It was the Irises I was most interested in, I’ve seen them in manor house gardens and I think they’re beautiful so I fancied some for myself.

On the back of the box, I noticed some helpful instructions:


The one bit I noticed was that I need to plant the bulbs in Sept – Dec, it is now February. A bit late! Never mind, I persevered regardless!

I dug the approved 8-12cm into the ground and began planting a line of Irises.


I made sure that I only dug in places that weren’t showing any shoots or I knew there weren’t any other plants there.

DSCF8695-1 DSCF8696-1
DSCF8693-1 DSCF8694-1

These are the bulbs that I planted today. At the wrong time of year, but hey why not see what happens?


I planted the Irises in a row because I do think they look nice like that. They’re a lot closer together than it advised on the back of the box but I do think that gardening is not an exact science. Says the amateur gardener!

DSCF8699-1The other flowers I put in a scattered arrangement, to make them look a little bit more natural. But it was difficult to find a space in our garden, I really wanted to avoid the other plants.


As you can see, this is a patch of the garden that hasn’t been used yet so it’s prime for planting some more bulbs!


This is the last scattering of bulbs where I mixed in everything that was left in a large open patch of the garden.

Before I headed back into the warm, I planted one more plant.


A Camellia! It was a dual colour one so I’m looking forward to seeing what this will look like when it flowers!

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