Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rake That Lawn

The Tale of the Ropey Lawn

Our lawn was looking a little rough. Dad had been working hard in the garden which meant our poor lawn had been trampled on, smothered in soil and generally not very green.


It doesn’t look so bad in this photo but it was a bit of a squashed lawn. Dad’s solution was to rake the lawn. I think it looks really good now.

rakednotraked copy

I know the raked side looks browner as all the dead grass has been pulled up, but it also looks a lot healthier and thicker.

Here is a pic of the not raked grass:

raked grass

It does look green but to me it looks very thin. Perhaps the photograph doesn’t illustrate it well enough.

Here is a photo of the raked grass:

not raked grass

It does look a lot more brown but it is autumn at the moment. I think that it does look a lot better.


We have started to use the grass as a sort of compost for the other plants around the garden.


So hopefully our clematis will grow with lots of beautiful flowers.

That is the most interesting thing that has happened to our garden so far. Next up: Hazel screening!

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