Wednesday, 24 October 2012

We Have Lawn!

Going Green

We were a bit disappointed to see our lovely new house with only a patch of mud outside! Our house was beautiful but the garden was mud!


And, as you can see, a huge plate right in the middle of it! That was the last thing we wanted! However, the fence was built…

We needed lawn, and quick!

It was only a few weeks later that we had the lawn installed! And it looks fabulous!

20120426_132125 (1)

We are now forming a plan for the garden. I want a garden that is in bloom all year round, I want a garden with colour from every season.

Spring flowers are my favourites, so I want a lot of tulips and daffodils. The challenge is going to be finding flowers that are blooming in Summer, Autumn or Winter.

The other challenge is going to be collecting flowers that aren’t only purple and pink. I have been looking around the garden centres and I’ve been choosing flowers that are pink and purple. These are my favourite colours, but I love gardens that are full of colour. I’m not someone who wants to colour coordinate the house.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how our garden is going to develop!

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