Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hello and Welcome!

I think it is time to start blogging! 

We recently moved into a new house and our garden was a complete blank canvas. All we had was lawn to start with. I have been photographing the progress of the garden so that you can see where we are and how we're doing. 

I'm going to start this blog as if we've just moved in, then catch up with the progress we have made. Once it's all up to date, I'll post only when we have done something spectacular or when there is something interesting to show you. 

Or if someone has a question! 

My dad is doing our garden for us, as one of the top gardeners in the country, but my husband and I are helping! My dad's blog is Tony the Gardener if you'd like to check it out. 

So, this is how our garden started out... 

Our Garden April 2012

Keep checking back for updates on how it looks now! 

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  1. Wow I can envisage so many different things. I could never choose just one.